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One person paid to have 7 different online services re-vamp their resume. In a blind study, independent reviewers compared the results and selected The Resume Writing Group's ( resume as the best of the 7. Below is the person's original resume as submitted to ResumeWritingGroup and the dramatically improved version returned to them. One of the things that seems to have helped Resume Writing Group do the best job is that of the companies studied, they were the only company who contacted the client with specific questions before writing their resume to gain a better understanding of what it would take to do a superior job on their behalf.


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Resume Writing Group took the time to contact the customer during the resume writing process to ask specific questions about their work history. By getting the customer to open up and elaborate their background,  Resume Writing Group was able to gain more insight into their experience & strengths than they would have had if they relied only on what the client had submitted when ordering. Most of the other resume writing sites didn't even bother to ask any uncanned questions at all! As a result, was able to present their client's experience more effectively and with greater detail. Their resume is a winner at a first glance but also after an in-depth reading as well.


Resume Writing Group also used highly targeted keywords and impressive language to paint a more eye-catching portrait of the client. After initially grabbing the reader's attention with a sharp layout (representative of the client's profession), the resume writer clearly wasted no time getting right into a strategic presentation of keywords designed to hold the reader's interest and portray the applicant as a VERY strong job candidate.


As alluded to above, Resume Writing Group wisely selected a format that matched their client's industry. Though this particular look may not be appropriate for all professions, Resume Writing Group seemed to be the most aware what would work and wouldn't work for this particular client's goals. It is this level of attention to detail and catering to the individual that seems to have helped Resume Writing Group create the best resume of the 7 resume writing companies samples. Their resume looks fantastic, reads excellently, and STANDS OUT!


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